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Men's Ministry

The Men of Purpose is the men’s ministry of Royalhouse Chapel International, Victory Center (RCIVC). When men come together to pray, strategize and fellowship, amazing miracles are born. The main aim of this ministry is to let men live the fullest of their lives as husbands, fathers and leaders. Under the leadership of the Snr. Pastor Rev. Thomas Brew and the Ministers of RCI VC, the movement of mighty men meets to serve the need of the immediate church community by facilitating both practical and spiritually enriched activities for all to participate in.


Women's Ministry

The Royal Ladies Ministry is the women’s arm of Royalhouse Chapel International Victory Center. As a Royal, women have the privilege of being a part of this ministry which meets on a monthly basis to share ideas among themselves to enrich their physical and spiritual experience. The bonds of sisterhood are strengthened as a result of this ministry.

Led by Pastor Mama Ama Brew, we believe that every woman has been created to shine her light to the world (Matthew 5:1). Our vision is to unearth the God given potential of every woman; nurture, develop and guide women to fulfill their God-given destinies; educate women about problems and solutions to female related issues; cultivate women spiritually to grow and mature in the ways of God; mobilize women from all walks of life to positively affect the church, their family, community and world; and encourage women to become godly wives, mothers, and sisters in Christ.

In addition to vibrant meetings and times of prayer, the Royal Ladies of Victory Center participate in an annual conference which occurs in November each year under the leadership of The President General, Rev. Mrs. Rita Korankye-Ankrah, who uses this great platform to specifically empower and bless all women who gather.


Youth Ministry

This is a dynamic, energetic and exuberant ministry of the church comprising of young adults. This ministry strives to meet the unique spiritual, intellectual and psychological needs of young professionals, entrepreneurs and future leaders of our society.

We seek

  • to raise young men and women who are passionate about serving God, to build their self-image, self-worth and self-confidence and to fully develop and maximize their spiritual, mental and entrepreneurial potential.
  • to instill godly virtues and principles in the next generation and equip them to take over the leadership of the church, and every sphere and facet of life in which they find themselves
  • to create a viable and exciting alternative for our youth and young adults engaging them in wholesome activities that have eternal value, and forming sincere and lasting Christian friendships and relationships.

Mission Statement: To win, build and equip young adults for spiritual, educational and socioeconomic empowerment.

Our Slogan is:
World Movers Generation! We are Moving Our World!

World Movers Generation! We are Changing our World!

World Movers Generation! We are Shaking our World!

Yayy, Yayyyyy!!!!!!!


The Music Ministry at Royalhouse Chapel, Victory Center, exists primarily to usher in the presence of God in the corporate setting through contemporary worship and to prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive the teaching and preaching of the Word. We do this by nurturing the giftings and abilities that God has given to us through His word. We seek the face of God periodically to get direction from Him as to how to go about declaring His praises. We yield our lives to Him daily to work in our lives and to make us a living praise unto His name.

Under this ministry, we have various choirs comprised of different segments of our congregation

Praising Showers– the senior and primary choir of the church, which ministers every Sunday

Royal Voices– an all women’s choir born out of our Royal Ladies ministry that ministers in church once a month, and on special occasions.

Voices in Worship– a young adults choir carved out of our Young Adults ministry that ministers in church once a month

Royal Trumpeters– an exciting, all mens acapella group, that ministers melodious and impactful music.

Chosen Vessels– a teen choir that has seeks to capture music talent at a very young age, and teach and raise them to become vessels that minister to the glory of God.

2G MINISTRY (Second Generation)

Our Foundation School ministry exists with the aim to raise and disciple Christians to understand the fundamentals of their faith, and who can stand on their own as Christians. Our membership and discipleship course consists of 12 courses that will strengthen your walk with God, and ends with a graduation ceremony. All graduates who have not yet been baptized are also given the opportunity to do.

This ministry seeks to maintain contact with students, assist them to find answers to their questions, and encourage and motivate them to attend church and bible studies, and serve God faithfully. Ultimately, our prayer is that you simply do not pass through Foundation School, but that a deposit is made in you for eternity!


The Prayer Ministry is a team of intercessors chosen by the Senior Pastor or the Prayer Ministry Leaders. This ministry conducts weekly prayer meetings; organizes fasting and prayer for the Prayer Ministry and the church body. The Prayer Ministry team activities include unyielding involvement in various prayer and fasting efforts.


The Victory Kids Children’s Ministry believes that children are a gift from God, given into our care and that it is our responsibility to raise them according to the Bible, enabling them to connect with Jesus fully in their lifetime. In this context, it is clear that the Sunday School Department has one of the most important functions in the church. We believe in the scripture that says:

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it.” PROVERBS 22:6

Our Philosophy

Young children grow in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills during the early childhood years. Besides these growth domains, the Sunday school department focuses on helping kids grow up spiritually and in the knowledge of God. As such, the department is committed to providing high-quality, developmentally appropriate, bible-based child-centered activities within a well-equipped, organized setting. We believe supporting a child’s spiritual development provides the basis for a successful life, and promotes the foundation to becoming life-long leaders.

Our Goals

To help attain our vision of touching our generation with the power of God, we have set these goals;

  • Foster a parent/teacher partnership
  • Maintain communication with families about their child’s progress
  • Provide high quality bible-based instruction, across all domains
  • Utilize authentic, formative assessments on an ongoing basis
  • Set a pattern for good and ethical behavior
  • Encourage students to become life-long leaders


Our doors are open to all who wish to contribute in diverse ways to help our kids grow up in the fear of the Lord. There are opportunities for those who which to join us to contribute their skills in teaching. Sponsoring and mentoring opportunities also abound for those who wish to avail themselves for God’s use.


At Victory Center, we have a passion for students!! This ministry believes in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ outside of the four walls of the church to neighboring college campuses. By visiting college campus once a month, ministering to them and encouraging them, and meeting their physical and spiritual needs, we are making a great impact in the lives of our students! For students who wish to fellowship with us every Sunday, we provide transportation services and meals, in addition to a warm and family atmosphere where they can have a home away from home. We are ultimately raising student leaders through this ministry who will one day take the world for Jesus Christ!


The Communications Ministry at Royalhouse Chapel International, Victory Center, has a vision to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually-driven world through the use of information and communication technology and media while equipping other ministries of the church to use digital media technology and social media as a worship and outreach tool.

The communications unit also involves itself with the task of providing printed, audio and other publication materials of the church. They may design and print or publish any church literary material or may use the services of other professionals to achieve their goals.

There are many opportunities for you to serve in this ministry.

Web team – You can join the web team as a contributor to content by using your writing, editing or photography skills. We are using a “content management system” or “dashboard” that allows us to add content to the site without the need for coding or programming skills.

Photographer – If you have a digital camera, are familiar with sharing files online and are interested in taking pictures of people, we need you! We need pictures of church life, services and events taken on a regular basis, and for special projects.

Graphic Designer – If you have a computer and are familiar with desktop publishing software like InDesign, Photoshop Elements or others that are similar for layout and image creation there are many ways your skills can help. There is a constant need to promote announcements and events through our web site, signage and other digital media.

If you would like more information about our media ministry or want to volunteer as a team member, email us at media@royalhousect.org


The mission of the Royalhouse Chapel International, Victory Center, Finance and Treasury Ministry is to manage and protect the financial resources of the church and provide updated financial information for all departments, as applicable. We believe that God has called us to be good stewards of His resources, and we aim to do that on a daily and weekly basis.


Prayer Ministry

This exciting ministry uses and incorporates music, drama, dance, and the visual arts, and weaves these into the overall worship experience of the church to provide an enhanced end result to the enjoyment and edification of the church body. By tapping into various dance and acting talents in the church, we are able to bring the word of God to life in an impactful, colorful, and life-transforming manner.


The Hospitality and Catering Services Ministry uses the vehicle of food to bring people together, with excellence in quality and service while exhibiting good stewardship. We demonstrate our passion for God through our passion for food, and making sure that all special guests for conferences and events, as well as our members on a weekly basis as applicable, are well taken care of.


Our goal is to create a clean, accommodating, and hospitable environment during all church services that allows everyone that comes in to relax and feel at home and concentrate on the word of God. For us, cleanliness is truly next to godliness, and we do our work with a smile and with passion.


The outreach ministry is the evangelistic and community engagement wing of Royalhouse Chapel, Victory Center. At Royalhouse Chapel, we believe that we are called not just to be a blessing to our church members, but to the less fortunate who are out there in the community as well. This ministry seeks to liaise and partner with organizations in our community as well to achieve the end result of touching our generation with the power of God.


Our vision is to provide our visitors and church members with a welcoming and organized church experience right from the parking lot. We believe that we serve a God of excellence, and that this excellence is demonstrated and expressed to our people right from the orderliness with which we organize ourselves right from the outside. We direct all traffic with a smile regardless of the weather, and assist our members to park properly, assist new mothers and the elderly to walk safely into the church, provide umbrellas during bad weather, and generally do our part to ensure an overall awesome church experience.


Prayer Ministry

Our vision is to raise up seasoned watchmen, gatekeepers and mature intercessors that will be ready to engage in spiritual warfare at all times. Our goal is to pull down and uproot strongholds and hindrances from the enemy that oppose the church, the Senior Pastor and his family, leaders, members, etc. We pray scriptures into the atmosphere to see and experience great results for the kingdom of God.


The Pastoral Care and Welfare ministry exists to provide pastoral care and welfare services to church members and their loved ones as appropriate, during the occurrence of major life events, on behalf of the Senior Pastor. Examples of such situations are child birth, bereavement, illness and hospitalization, financial and emotional hardship, etc. We visit members in their homes to pray with them, send care packages to members as needed, go to hospitals to extend a loving hand during moments of hospitalization, and provide welfare assistance to members in need.


Our vision is to serve our Victory Center community by providing transportation to and from church to those without, to protect and provide assistance to our Senior Pastor and First Lady at all times and to attend to their needs, and also to cater to the needs of visiting pastors and guests who attend our church occasionally for special programs and conferences.


At Royalhouse Chapel, we have started a Scholarship Fund and Ministry that aims to encourage and support the educational advancement of the all members of Royalhouse and its community from Pre-K to a PhD. Our goal is to be able to provide some financial aid to deserving and qualifying members to complement their other means and sources of funding.


This ministry primarily exists to make all of our first time guests feel welcome! At Royalhouse Chapel, we treat our guests and visitors like royalty, and have assembled a special team of wonderful people to accomplish that purpose. We have a special gift for all guests, and also check up on all of our guests during the week as well, with the aim of providing a general well rounded welcoming experience for all. To become a part of our team, all we ask is that you have a burden for souls, a cheerful disposition, be punctual to all services, and a desire to see the church grow.


This ministry manages all church sound and provides the technical support required for our worship services. They are responsible to manage all church audio-visual equipment, lighting, musical instruments, computers, etc., and work behind the scenes to ensure that the pastor and congregation can focus on the the church service and on the word being preached without distraction.

Opportunities to serve:

Opportunities are always available for the following areas:

– Video Camera Operator

– Photographer

– Audio Engineer

– Lighting Engineer

– Media and Projection Specialist

– Stage and Equipment Manager


Our vision is aligned with the overall vision of Royalhouse Victory Center, to promote an atmosphere where all members and visitors feel welcomed and comfortable while focusing on the word of God, according to the standard set by our Senior Pastor.

We aim to create an atmosphere that is conducive to total worship in ensuring distractions are kept to the minimum, and too serve God’s people by meeting the physical needs of the congregation before service, during service and post service.  We represent the church by reinforcing the concept of agape love with a warm smile and warm handshake or hug. We operate according to the word of God in Phil 2:4 “Look not only to your interest, but to the interest of others.”